Author Nynia Chance

Nynia Chance was born the middle child to an average American Christian family in an average American town, graduating from an average American high school to drop out of an average American college and make her way through an above-average American career. Deeply grateful for all of the opportunities that have been given her to better herself and life for her family, she works to repay this kindness and compassion to whomever she can.

While her pragmatic optimism creates a patient hope for a better future, Nynia's conscientious study of current events has made her concerned for the future that some factions are working to create. Too many prominent voices are citing Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged as a guidebook for socio-economic policies, using arguments that are all-too-full of doublespeak that glosses over or even ignores the warnings from American history.

Taking cues from her favorite author George Orwell, Nynia struggles against this doublespeak by creating a narrative that illustrates the dangers lurking within current events. Galifesto is a catalogue for issues that are vitally important to confronting the problems faced by many countries across the globe. Practical and confident, this story shows how these problems can be overcome, through ordinary human beings working together to create an extraordinary impact.


In Galifesto, the Incorporated States of America is an Orwellian dystopia ruled by the corporations to which it is indebted. These few Haves lord over the Have-Not majority under the ostensible authority of laws and a Constitution that have been declared State Secrets, off-limits to all but a select few.

Elizabeth Franklin shares her experiences growing up in the I.S.A. as the youngest daughter in a Zealous Christian family even more strictly traditional than usual for her small factory town. In her senior year of high school, she is confronted with a tragic loss that calls into question not only her inflexibility of Faith, but the weapons she has used to fight for it. The illusion of a world divided into Black and White shattered, she discovers a rainbow of opportunities branching out from the only path she had ever known.

In Elizabeth's journey to examine her life and how she has impacted those around her, she transcends the traditional I.S.A. boundaries of race and class in forming a growing circle unlikely allies. Yet it is her secret friendship with computer marvel Mark Atlas that sends her life sideways into a better world.